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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)


Become a leader in the field fo financial analysis

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CFA Review Course

The CFA Program equips teh candidate with the practical and fundamental knowledge he/she needs for a wide variety of career choices in the investment profession. Completing the program confirms the person's mastery of the rigorous CFA curriculum. Earning the CFA charter places teh person in the company of an elite group of more than 90,000 respected investment professionals.

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CFA Course of Study

To earn the CFA charter, a candidate must successfully pass through the CFA Program, a graduate-level program that combines a broad curriculum with professional conduct requirements, culminating in three sequential exams. You can read more about the course of study by referring to the CFA Institute website. A candidate can also read the the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge as published by the CFA Institute or by clicking here.

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CFA Exam

Completing the CFA Program exams can take as little as 18 months, but on average, it takes about four years to earn a CFA charter.

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Materials We Use

Over the past 20 years Kaplan Schweser has helped hundreds of thousands of professionals leverage their careers in finance and accounting. By connecting with Kaplan Schweser, the leading educational provider in the field, a candidate can find concise and current curriculum, expert instruction, and online tools that allow him/her to study anytime, anywhere. Kaplan Schweser is A Leading Global Provider of Financial and Accounting Educational Solutions.


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